Investment Advice Disclaimer
Investing in securities always involves the risk of loss. The Follow app is operated by both Follow's IA, an investment adviser, and its publishing affiliate. Subscription services are provided by the publishing affiliate only, and are not provided by Follow's IA. Follow’s leaders and the publishing affiliate do not provide investment advice, and neither are registered investment advisers.

Portfolios of the future are portfolios of the people you trust. We are creating a platform where we connect screened voices called Leaders with people who want to Follow their ideas. Followᴵᴬ, our affiliated investment advisor, provides a risk score for portfolios derived from Leaders and automates SuperFollowing for its clients.*

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Strengthen your Rope

By SuperFollowing IA accounts and Mimicking them, you create your own Rope. By SuperFollowing more accounts, you diversify your portfolio and your Rope becomes stronger.*

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What it means to subscribe

By subscribing, you’ll receive your Leaders’ exclusive content in your inbox with The Follow Up newsletter. You’ll also have the ability to see the performance of the Followᴵᴬ accounts derived from the Leaders you subscribe to. Subscribe to multiple Leaders to get diverse perspectives.

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What it means to SuperFollow

Followᴵᴬ creates an account derived from your Leader in order to track their trades as closely as possible and provides you with a risk score for that Follow account. If you SuperFollow, whatever the account buys, you buy… Whatever the account sells, you sell… Automatically. For further information, see Item 4 in Part 2A of Followᴵᴬ’s Form ADV.

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Discover your investment style

At Follow, we work with you to understand your goals, experience, and interests. We then provide you with an investment style to help you align with the appropriate Leaders.

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